80 55 117 9116-5

This is a “Csuka” (pike) type luggage van. The original serial number was Da 6032. The MÁV had 6 pcs “Csuka” type luggage vans, their serial number were from Da 6031 to Da 6036

Manufacturer: Ganz, Budapest, 1926. The job # was 2140/268. It was put into operation on 07/01/1927.

Only 3 pieces remained from this serie.

1.     Da 6031 was a part of the service train in Székesfehérvár maintenance depot. Its serial number was 117-1090 or 117-1091 (by another source). This car should be the protected one from this type. She got the serial number as 117-9044 as protected vehicle, but the additional story of this car is unknown.

2.     Da 6033 is a part of the service train of GySEV (Győr Sopron Ebenfurt Railway). Equipped with KALÁKA type bogies.

  1. You can see on the picture that the Da 6032 has the original Central-European type bogies. The first 5 pictures were taken in 2000 July, on the reversing triangle of Zugló. This car was burnt out on 20/06/2001. The 6th picture was made after this fire, on 21/06/2001. This car was moved to the “Füsti” in 2003, and you can see it in that place on the last picture.

Photos: Zoltán Gábor Németh

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