Vicissitudinary story of the IC to Szeged

 Szeged connected into the InterCity services in 29/05/1994. In the beginning, IC trains were composed from the serie –67 IC coaches, which were rebuilt in Dunakeszi. However the production of the IC cars was not sufficient for supplying the increasing of IC traffic. So that there was a shortages of IC coaches at that time. From May 1995 the new IC EMUs were used for the IC traffic between Szeged and Budapest. However the new IC EMU had several breakdowns and the IC trains had to be cancelled. Several interesting cars were used as a substitution. From May 1998 the IC EMUs were replaced with coaches of serie –67 on the Budapest-Szeged line. The picture “SzegediICos” was taken on 27/05/1994 (the last Friday before the new timetable), when the IC cars arrived at Szeged. The pictures from “szegediIC1” to “szegediIC5” show the well-known substitution trains of the IC EMU. Special thanks to Csaba Prohászka for them! I remark that there was precedent, when the IC train consisted of the following series: Bko 20-37, B 20-41, A 19-41.

SzegediICos (Kovács György)
SzegediIC1 (Prohászka Csaba)
SzegediIC2 (Prohászka Csaba)
SzegediIC3 (Prohászka Csaba)
SzegediIC4 (Prohászka Csaba)
SzegediIC5 (Prohászka Csaba)

The “express train” as the ancestor of IC
”Szeged” express train in Szeged,
in 1968 with the prototype M41 2001 diesel engine
and –51 coaches in special livery

(Special thanks to Ferenc Zlatnyik))